Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

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Often referred to as the “Red Carpet” laser, the PicoFractional is known for its minimal downtime, getting you back to what’s important faster and offers a far superior and less abrasive treatment, perfect for skin toning and overall skin rejuvenation.

How Does Our Skin Age?

It’s often said that our skin is the window to our overall health. And it’s true, bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, eating poorly, and not managing stress properly, all do internal damage that can and will present itself on the surface. However, we can do all the right things and still not love what we see in the mirror. As we age, our skin naturally changes no matter what we do. The outer layer (epidermis) thins, and the number of pigmented cells (melanocytes) decrease, leaving the remaining melanocytes only to increase in size.

This whole process is exacerbated by one primary culprit, the sun. Even worse, sun damage done in our youth can wait to rear its ugly head until years later. Commonly these age and sun related pigmentations present as melasma, liver spots, lentigos, age spots, and even simply freckles. Lest we forget the most frustrating and often associated with getting older, fine lines and wrinkles.

At AsandraMD, we have the technology to obtaining a natural rejuvenated look, as well as tackling troublesome acne problems and unwanted scars.

Before & After Photos

Full Photofacial with the PiQo4 laser