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Ipamorelin Acetate in Beverly Hills, CA, Asandra

Ipamorelin Acetate is a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) that stimulates the pituitary gland, aiding rejuvenation, and helping the body maintain homeostasis. This, and other peptides like Semorelin, Ibutamoren, and Ipamorelin are used to support optimal performance, and revolutionize anti-aging treatment. 

As a leading figure in bioidentical hormone therapy, Christopher Asandra, MD, is a Beverly Hills doctor whose reputation precedes him. Featured on medical advice talk show The Doctors, Dr. Asandra is an expert in vitality and wellness. Call (424) 213-1118 for his Beverly Hills offices, or his Newport Beach offices at (949) 200-8317. Or, complete our quick online form to book your personal consultation with him and find out how you can benefit from Ipamorelin Acetate peptide therapy.

Effects of Aging

Aging affects us all. And in our 30s, 40s, and beyond, we may slowly begin to notice some physiological changes. These changes may start imperceptibly but slowly become more noticeable as time progresses. Age-related factors, our genetics, and our environment can slow the metabolism, which impacts many aspects of our overall health, including the following. (1)

  • A decline in physical strength 
  • Decreased rate of movement 
  • Lower energy levels
  • Slower healing after injury 
  • Slower recovery after illness
  • Decreased resilience to environmental stressors
  • Reduced heat production
  • Poorer skin condition

Despite regular sessions at the gym, and a nutritious diet, many people start to notice lower energy levels as they get older.  Decreased stamina, loss of muscle mass, and weight gain may also occur. As well as feeling tired faster, we may also see a decline in the speed the body repairs itself. When we’re injured, it may take longer for us to heal, our cognitive function may lose its edge, and we may experience changes in our mood. This deterioration of multiple systems can have a knock-on effect on our overall health and wellbeing. Peptide therapy is a new and exciting development in vitality medicine that supports an active lifestyle by influencing and balancing the body’s natural chemicals. This contributes to helping you look and feel younger

Ipamorelin Acetate & Growth Hormone

Ipamorelin Acetate is a peptide. Peptides are short chains of amino acids found in every cell in the human body. And these chains form the “building blocks” of the proteins that support cell function and tissue repair.

Scientists have observed that age-related hormone depletion has a significant impact on energy metabolism. (1)  Ipamorelin Acetate and other peptides trigger the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. HGH has numerous important roles in regulating bodily processes, particularly metabolic regulation.

Growth Hormone Functions in the Body

  • Increases lean body mass 
  • Inhibits glucose (sugar) uptake 
  • Retains vital minerals such as Potassium and Calcium
  • Stimulates tissue healing and growth
  • Regulates hunger levels
  • Increases the division and multiplication rate of cells
  • Increases cell size (for stronger tissues)
  • Increases the remineralization of bone

By supplementing the vital ingredients the body needs to maintain a healthy weight and build muscle, patients can use their energy reserves more productively. What’s more, peptide therapy can help the pituitary gland itself to function optimally, enhancing health and vitality!

What Can Peptide Therapy Achieve?

Ipamorelin Acetate supports the body’s own natural production of growth hormone. Peptide therapy can complement a healthy lifestyle and help to strengthen and reinvigorate the body. Because of its metabolism-supporting characteristics, patients can achieve healthy lean muscle mass, heal faster from injuries, and maintain healthy bones and ligaments.

Ipamorelin and the “Hunger Hormone”

Ghrelin, often referred to as the “hunger hormone” affects the rate of digestion, the metabolization of fat molecules, and growth hormone production. Ipamorelin binds to receptors in the pituitary gland and mimics ghrelin. And with a healthy diet and regular exercise, its use can help the body regulate its energy distribution and lose weight. 

Daily supplementing of Ipamorelin Acetate can help patients to lead a healthier life as they grow older. Take control of your metabolism in a safe, controlled way by receiving peptide therapy from Dr. Asandra. Call (424) 213-1118 to speak to our Beverly Hills office, or fill out a short online form to book your personal vitality and wellness consultation!

Getting the Most out of Treatment

Studies show that therapy to increase growth hormone production gets measurable results. Study subjects took part in adipose mass-related testing which measured body fat percentages. Scientists saw the following changes after a 26-week treatment plan.

  • 13% decrease in subcutaneous fat mass 
  • 30% reduction of intra-abdominal fat mass
  • 3-11% lean body mass increase
  • 11-19% improvement in aerobic function
  • Muscle strength increases between 7-19%

After one year, participants saw overall body fat reduction, with the most significant results in the abdomen, with belly fat reduction at a notable 61%. (2)

Peptide Therapy vs. Standard Growth Hormone Therapy

Standard growth hormone therapy can be more costly than peptide therapy and may have more undesirable side effects including increased blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and headaches. (4) In contract, Ipamorelin has virtually no adverse side effects, meaning therapy protocols can be more aggressive. This peptide doesn’t contain cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, or aldosterone levels, which are hormones associated with adverse side effects.


Growth hormone production decreases at a rate of 14% per decade after the age of 35. (3) But as more and more promising evidence supports the use of peptide therapy, more and more people are finding out about its benefits! Ipamorelin acetate is considered by fitness enthusiasts to be one of the most effective GHRPs available. Patients in need of a metabolism boost should consider peptide therapy as a way to support an already healthy lifestyle, and can benefit greatly from its ability to support improved strength, increase muscle mass, and reduce body fat percentage.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Asandra gathers every piece of relevant information from a patient before they enter into a treatment plan. This meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss your overall health, your fitness, your weight goals, and how your energy levels have been affected over time.At either his Beverly Hills office or his Newport Beach office, he will speak with you to discuss strength-supporting vitality treatments and determine which peptides or combination of peptides will be most beneficial to address your concerns. In many cases, patients find a combination of Ipamorelin Acetate and CJC-1295 as they complement each other, leading to more effective results. 

Be sure to browse Dr. Asandra’s other treatments for metabolic support, sexual wellness, and ACP therapy. If Ipamorelin Acetate, or a combination treatment plan is suitable for you, Dr. Asandra will describe what you can expect to achieve with peptide therapy, and will map out a personalized plan for you.

What to Expect

Ipamorelin Acetate is usually available in its lyophilized (freeze-dried) form. Once it has been reconstituted, it should be stored in the refrigerator. The solution is injected subcutaneously (under the skin, but not into the muscle). Dr. Asandra will explain the specific instructions regarding how and when to take your shot, especially if you will be following additional peptide protocols. This is done in the evening, which mimics the natural cycle of growth hormone levels throughout the day. A standard treatment protocol requires a simple injection once a day.

Other Strength & Vitality Therapies


CJC-1295 Therapy is designed to support the steady increase of growth hormones and is used to great success in combination with Ipamorelin. It’s not a peptide, but a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) As it metabolizes at a slower rate, the two can be used together to increase energy levels, strengthen muscles, and help patients lose excess weight.

Ibutamoren Therapy

Like Ipamorelin, Ibutamoren is a peptide that can mimic ghrelin and stimulate growth hormone production. Similarly, it can contribute to the maintenance of a healthy metabolism, leading to more lean muscle mass and strength, decreased body fat, and improved muscle recovery.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

TRT is the standard therapy for men with depleted testosterone levels. And it is very effective! Lower levels of testosterone can have many unwanted effects, including decreased sexual desire, lower energy levels, poor concentration, and depression. With TRT, men can achieve rebalanced testosterone levels, increased strength and endurance, and a return of natural sex drive.

Cost of Ipamorelin Acetate in Beverly Hills, CA

We will provide an estimate for the cost of your treatment once your personal consultation has revealed the best protocol or combination of protocols for your metabolic support. To book your first appointment with Dr. Asandra, please call our Beverly Hills or Orange County offices or fill out a quick form to get in touch

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