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The Growth Hormone Effect


Growth hormone is a 191 amino acid protein produced in the pituitary gland. Growth hormone is responsible for the increase in height as children grow, but scientists have shown that it has generalized effects on protein, lipid, and carbohydrate metabolism. (1) Released in eight to 10 pulses per 24-hour period, peak release of the hormone occurs while we sleep with short pulses throughout the day. Growth hormone reaches pinnacle levels during puberty but declines with age, decreasing 14% per decade after age 35. (2) This indefinite decrease is known as somatopause and is associated with difficulty losing weight, bone mineral density loss, other age-related changes, and multiple health risks.

Dr. Christopher Asandra, MD, of AsandraMD expertly provides premium GH treatment options to his Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach patients helping them to regain youthful brain function and muscle mass. The combined CJC-1295 / Ipamorelin injection has unparalleled reach to combat the deficiencies associated with age-related hormone imbalance. In addition, Dr. Asandra has dedicated years to extensive research in the field of hormone therapy. Not feeling your best? Need a boost? Call (424) 542-8881 today to book a consultation at our Beverly Hills office, or fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

How Does Growth Hormone Work?

Growth hormone binds to receptors on liver cells and other organs. The binding of two receptor molecules results in the secretion of insulin-like growth fact I (IGF-I), the mediator between growth hormone and the resulting biological actions. Biological actions such as growth in children, yes, but so many more. (3) After decades of research into the effects of growth hormone (GH) in the adult body, we understand more than ever about growth hormone therapy. Hormone replacement can turn back the clock and help gain lean muscle mass.

What is Growth Hormone Therapy?

Growth hormone therapy in adults works to restore regular body composition, improve muscle and cardiac function, normalize serum lipid concentrations, and improve quality of life.  (3) It’s easy to understand why many people see growth hormone therapy as the fountain of youth

Initially, human growth hormone (HGH) treatment in healthy older adults proved to reverse skeletal muscle loss partially. Thus, the idea of using growth hormone therapy as an anti-aging drug inspired further research from scientists in the 90s.(4)

Landmark Research

A study performed at the Medical College of Wisconsin and published in the New England Journal of Medicine sought to explore if human growth hormone could correct age-related changes in body composition in twelve healthy men aged 60 to 80 years old. The men received hGH three times a week for six months; doses were adjusted to meet IGF-I levels that met the baseline in 20- to 40-year-olds. (3)

The subjects were instructed to exercise but otherwise changed nothing about their routines, resulting in:

  • An 8.8% increase in lean body mass
  • A 7.1% increase in skin thickness
  • A 14.4% decrease in body fat
  • A 1.6% increase in lumbar bone density

In these men, hGH caused body composition changes “equivalent to 10 to 20 years of aging.” (3)

What is CJC-1295?

CJC-1295 is a synthetic growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) composed of 29 key amino acids. The formula binds permanently to liver cell proteins and has the power to stimulate growth hormone levels in adults. Long-acting, the formula has been proven to increase the peaks and valleys of GH secretion and IGF-I production. One week after taking CJC-1295, growth hormone levels in healthy 20- to 40-year-old men increased, as did overall GH and IGF-I secretion levels.. (5) In this same study, the 50% increase in these levels did not result in adverse effects (excessive levels of GH) due to a protective feedback mechanism.. (5) 


Ipamorelin is a potent synthetic peptide made by joining five different amino acids. (6) Ipamorelin promotes the secretion of growth hormone and mimics ghrelin, a gut hormone known as the “hunger hormone,” which stimulates the speed with which food is digested, fat removed, and growth hormone released. This powerful peptide binds the ghrelin receptor to the pituitary gland. (7) 

The multifaceted ghrelin hormone affects:

  • Appetite and obesity.
  • Balanced blood glucose levels.
  • Energy expenditure regulation.
  • Preservation of the heart by reducing or even preventing damage from a heart attack.
  • Prevention of muscle atrophy.


As we age, hormone fluctuations interfere with quality of life. But, Ipamorelin has high releasing potency and effectiveness, increasing growth hormone levels by 20 to 30 times their base level, and inhibiting somatostatinor, the growth inhibiting hormone. Additionally, because Ipamorelin is a selective growth hormone secretagogue, it does not increase plasma levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” or adrenocorticotropic, another hormone originating in the pituitary gland. (6)

Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults

Evidence shows that growth hormone deficiency in adults can be harmful. The more severe health risks include:

  • An increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
  • An increase in fat mass.
  • Reduce muscle mass and strength.
  • Lower cardiac output.
  • Lower bone density.
  • Higher concentration of fatty acids (lipids). (3)  

Hormonal imbalance can also negatively affect vitality and energy levels, sleeplessness, increased irritability, memory problems, sexual function and can increase the feeling of social isolation. (3) 

What are the Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy?

Growth hormone therapy can improve cognitive function, increase muscle mass, and help with weight loss. In a study of adipose mass, growth therapy treatment for 26 weeks resulted in:

  • Subcutaneous fat mass decreased by 13%
  • Intra-abdominal fat mass reduced by 30%
  • Lean body mass increased by 3-11%
  • Aerobic function improved by 11-19%
  • Muscle strength increased by 7-19%

These changes continued during one year of treatment resulting in a 22% reduction in overall fat mass and a 61% reduction in belly fat. These increases occurred within four months after the start of treatment and continued during treatment periods of up to three years. (3) Additionally, patients experience a supported immune system, improved skin firmness and moisture retention, and improved memory. 

Ideal Candidates for CJC-1295 / Ipamorelin Treatment

Anyone who experiences the aforementioned age-related conditions can benefit from scheduling a consultation with Dr. Christopher Asandra to discuss how CJC-1295 / Ipamorelin can improve quality of life and overall function. Ideal candidates are typically over 40 and dissatisfied with their inability to lose weight, decreased sexual function, or a decline in energy level and cognitive function. However, there is a solution for growth hormone deficiency-related aging. Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Asandra at his Beverly Hills office to learn more!

Personal Consultation

Dr. Asandra will thoroughly evaluate your medical history so he can address the symptoms related to age-related hormonal imbalance. In addition, he will carefully monitor your hormone levels to understand better how to bring them to an ideal level. AsandraMD is a judgment-free, welcoming environment where you will feel at ease to share any issues plaguing your life. We take your concerns very seriously; Dr. Asandra wants you to feel your best at any age.


It’s all about you, which is why the minute you step into our Beverly Hills office, you will feel well cared for and attended to. Dr. Asandra and his associates will address your concerns and inform you of the treatment plan before administering a gentle blood draw. Evaluating the blood is the best way for Dr. Asandra to communicate with your body.


After the results of your blood work return, and Dr. Asandra determines that you are a good candidate, treatment can begin. Dr. Asandra will lay out full instructions on how to administer the injection. CJC-1295 / Ipamorelin is injected subcutaneously and should be administered at night to mimic the natural release cycle of GH in the body.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach patients should feel free to speak candidly with Dr. Asandra about any and all health-related concerns during your consultation. As an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Asandra is happy to share his wealth of treatment options. To find out more about Dr. Asandra and his mission to help patients look and feel their best, follow our blog, Instagram, and Dr. Asandra’s podcast!

How Much Does Hormone Therapy Cost in Los Angeles?

Dr. Asandra will discuss all costs associated with your personalized treatment plan. Schedule a personal consultation today by calling (424) 542-8881.


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