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Low Testosterone – Antonio Sabato Jr.

Dr. Asandra sits down with Daily Mail TV and actor/politician Antonio Sabato Jr. to discuss the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement – Women

Weight Loss and Hormones

Sexual Wellness

It’s never an easy subject to discuss, but sexual wellness, especially as we age is an important one. And as women age, unsurprisingly, so does the vaginal tissue. But what if I told you we can turn back that particular clock? With the FemTouch™, now it’s a possibility. With just a simple in office procedure using no anesthetics, the FemTouch™ stimulates new growth by triggering collagen production, resulting in impressive overall vaginal rejuvenation. With the presence of new healthy tissue, the vagina will regain tightness, lubrication, sensitivity, and even appearance lost over time. Women also suffering from stress incontinence will also find significant relief.

Within just one to three treatments, you’ll understand why this best kept secret, isn’t much of a secret anymore.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Laser Hair Removal

Equipped with the latest technology, the LightSheer is fitted with two heads. One using a high speed vacuum assist for larger and more dense areas of the body. The other, a chilled tip, cool to the touch, for smaller areas and more precise hair removal. It works on all skin types, it’s comfortable and fast, meaning less visits for the results you desire. Beach season’s just around the corner!

Supplements and Vitamins

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

PicoFractional – Skin Rejuvenation

Often referred to as the “Red Carpet” laser, the PicoFractional is known for its minimal downtime, getting you back to what’s important faster. Harnessing the technology of light and sound, the PicoFractional offers a far superior and less abrasive treatment, perfect for skin toning and overall skin rejuvenation.